Known throughout the world as an elegant and classical preformer, Shimada has firmly established himself as one of the most successful magicians of all time. His phenomenal career has taken him to every corner of the globe, encompassed thousands of stage and television appearances and has earned him the prestige of being the most awarded and celebrated magician in the history of magic.

    Having made his appearance,for five years, as the guest star of "Splash", the Riviera Hotel,s highly acclaimed stage spectacular, Shimada has become one of todays hottest performers. With four television specials filmed around him from Japan in 1989, he has become that countries most popular magician and was the first Japanese entertainer to star in a Las Vegas production show for an extended multiple year contract.

    His list of television appearances reads like a Who's Who in entertainment. He has appeared on the tonight show with Johnny Carson an impressive four times and has also worked with such entertainment giants as Merv Griffin, Dick Cavett, Bill Cosbyand a host of others. Shamada has appeared on every major television network as well as on cable television specials on HBO and Showtime. Internationally, he has done hundreds of guest spots on top television programsand variety shows and has been seen by an estimated 100 million viewers.

    Having traveled the word several times over, Shimada has done performances on some of the finest stages and showrooms in existance. The Legendary Olympia Theatre in Paris, the Palladium in London, Alte Opera in Frankfurt, Theatre Under Wien in Vienna, and Nichigeki in Tokyoto name only a few. When Liberace was at the Hilton Las Vegas several times in 1982, it was spacifically Shimada who performed as his opening act.

    In Las Vegas, Shimada has always been a celebrated and welcomed performer. Having appeared in vertually all the major showrooms, he has established himself as a prominent part of the city's rich and illustrious entertainment history. During his featured spot in "Splash!" he performed his legendary Dove Act which has brought him much acclaim and admiration. With elegance, grace and undeniable mystery, Shimada is captivating the momment he steps on stage. The sheer intensity of his eyes hypnotizes the audience as he performs feat after feat of flawless magic with doves and silks, cards and candles. Shimada is also famous for his spectacular Dragon Act in which, after producing a multitude of colorful parasols, he battles gigantic 60 foot long fire-breathing dragons in a mythical tale set against a spectacular kabuki theatre backdrop.

    Because of the tremendous and ever-growing Japanese influence in this country, Shimada has been in more demand than ever for personal appearances and conventions not only in America, but the entertainment industry worldwide, often jetting of to different parts of the world to perform for eagerly awaiting and enthusiastic audiences. One year, not only was he performing as the guest star of "Splash!", but on his time off he went to perform in Japan, Italy and Madrid on star-studded television variety specials featuring such notables as Jerry Lee Lewis of Japan, he's a well known celebrity having had his own television specials and countless TV and guest appearances.

    Unquestionably, Shimada is one of the top performers in the world today. His magic is fantastic and his experience extraordinary. If you're looking for unique entertainment and originality, there is only one Shimada.